Thursday, July 16, 2009

spring (uhh, summer?) cleaning...

well, well, well. little miss ME has been doing a pretty damn BAD job at updating as regularly as possible.
its been about a month since my last post, and when browsing through, i realized that some work should probably be done on this page. i did a little spring cleaning...
on the right toolbar, i got rid of some random, extremely unimportant junk i put there for whatever stupid reason i did.
i also completely changed the label system. when i would do my updates, i would always be so frustrated that i couldn't put as labels all the numbers of goals i had worked on (i think blogger only allows like 10 or 20 labels per post) well... when you are doing something like this, there is a large chance you will exceed that number of labels.
anyway, because of this, i reworked the label system. it is now more of a "photo cheat sheet" of my progress. in this section, you can view my biweekly pics, 100 photo challenge, urban alphabet, and other random photos as they appear in my posts. also, there is a label called 101 in action and it basically will link you to posts where i added pictures of the goals...In Action, lol.
umm, i shortened the about me, because it was a bit outdated. i've changed a bit since i started blogging, and it is about time my blog reflects the change.
and umm, besides that i've decided to try and update this semi regularly so that i don't have HUGE posts. even when i am rereading, i start to scan once i get half way through because it is just wayyyy too much info. i'm really excited about all my goals, so i don't want you to miss anything. i'll try to keep them (slightly) short and sweet.
who knows if these changes will make any difference, but hell i figured i would try it.