Monday, December 28, 2009

ola anyone still out there?

do y'all miss me?
wonder where i've been?
think about me all the time?

i'm not missing! i've just moved to wordpress!

even though i've been there for a bit, i figure its best to give y'all a little nudge. simple reminder.
come over and visit me.

you can find me at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

you can find me at my new address

hey y'all!
i updated my 101 list on my NEW 101 in 1001 blog!
(its the same exact website, but just on wordpress not blogger)
come check it out.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

big news

just so you all know... i am now moving this blog to wordpress. same exact address, just instead of it will be

to make it simple....

i really do hope you will follow me over there and update my new address in your reader ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

y'all haven't seen my face around here lately

i haven't updated my biweekly(ish) pictures since AUGUST 15, 2009!!!!!! SERIOUSLY????
well trust me... i've been taking the pictures, so i will go home and post some.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

its time...

i know, i know, i know... i've neglected my posting to my 101 list.
i've been working on the list, but i've just been a bum about posting things.

forgive me?

i finished cataloguing all the books i own. i own 324. i've yet to read 225. seriously? damn. i've got quite a few books to read.

so i'm supposed to work on organizing my pics on my computer, printing them and putting them into albums. can you believe i printed like 800 pictures. SERIOUSLY! no exaggerating. and that was like 1/14th % of the photos i own. ugh this is going to be such a daunting task. hopefully i will be finished with it by the time this project is over.

#twenty seven
i failed. AGAIN. gosh.
i said i wanted to go to the drive in at least once per summer. i did not go to the drive in at all this entire summer (i suck) so because i am trying very hard to be honest with this list, then i've got to admit that i failed at my second item. boo.

#twenty nine
support a new-to-me local independent business at least once per month. this month i went to this place called lusitannos for my next bride's wedding shower. it was beautiful and i had a marvelous time. i also went to a new-to-me local independent business in virginia (hey, i used to be a local there) called yorgos. its ridiculous that i lived there and never ate there. i also frequented my regular local hot spots while i was down there. and finally, i ate at cafe dolce vitta last night in providence. LOVED it!!

#forty eight
i brought up the idea of doing a small stuff swap at 20SB. i got a decent response. but i honestly expected much more. it kind of bummed me out. but i'm going to stay positive. i need to get the ball rolling and get this project started.

#eighty eight
still paying those damn credit cards.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

one at a time.

oh boy. this is quite an update. it took quite some time to upload these pictures, especially with the faulty internet i have at work. anyway, this is an update to my urban alphabet project. i'm trying to find letters in my surroundings, and since the last time i updated this, i've gotten quite a few letters. here goes:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

its been TOO long... even for me.

hey y'all- so sorry its taking me forever to catch up with everything going on.
i have just been a little busy/stressed so i haven't been making the time (like i should) to update this list.
so i'm thinking i will do a few quick updates.
here is one:

well, i told you about how i already organized my bookshelves. but now i am currently working on cataloguing all the books i own.
its a pretty daunting task let me tell you!
but i've done a good job. I think I have one more shelf to go on one of my bookshelves. and then the whole second bookshelf- but there are much less books in there.
almost done this goal!!

i did do some organizing of the pictures on my computer. but the problem with that is once i realize some photos are in the wrong folder.... it creates a monster because then i find a whole bunch of other messed up folders. you know?! but the good thing is i have been deleting a lot more photos. and actually naming them. i have NO CLUE when this goal will be done, but hopefully soon. i have begun to hate sorting through these pics. i just want to print them all out and put them in albums. and speaking of that.... i printed all the photos from my oldest brother's wedding, and most of the photos from my other brother's recent wedding. (i printed out exactly 200 so they could all just go in one album) so happy about that. i guess i'm going in the right direction!

i ate at another new place! on 8/21 the regular friday work lunch crew went to this little diner called highland luncheonette. its right down the street and i've driven by it a hundred times in my life, but never managed to eat there! it was good. i got a stuffed quahog and a salad. yummy.

dog training. sign. i believe no one should be able to buy or adopt a dog without bringing her to training classes, lol! the good news is that i found a really good person to train my dog. the bad news. its quite expensive, so i doubt i can afford it until october. one step in the right direction!

i have been supporting the local artists and businesses. i've been to a restaurant called tweets, newport vineyards, the country club in my city, that diner i mentioned above, my nail lady and my favorite restaurant in the next city.

i technically went to two completely new places this month. newport vineyards for my sister-in-laws bachelorette party, and highland luncheonette, but because i already mentioned the second one in #18 i will choose newport vineyards to be my one local business/artist for the month of august.

this one is slightly humorous. not if you are me though. i consider #30 to be one of the scariest goals on my list: "ask a stranger out". i can't handle it! and yet...i ALMOST did it. but i chickened out (for slightly decent reasons). i've been working with this guy who provides a benefit to our staff here at work (so we don't work together, but deal professionally with each other) and he is pretty hot. i ALMOST worked up the courage to ask him out, until my boss casually asked him how old he was, and he said.... 22!!!!!!!!!! hot damn! now, granted... i am probably only a few years older than him. but I. DO. NOT. DATE. YOUNGER. GUYS. i was totally bummed out. totally.
for my to work up my courage like this is huge, but i don't want to date a little boy. he just graduated in 2008 and i doubt he has any clue what he is looking for. if i am going to put myself out there, then it has to be for someone who is going in the same direction as i am. and i don't know what his deal is quite yet. i know its not fair to judge him on his age, but this is very confusing for me.
i guess we will just have to see what happens with this one.

i've had QUITE a few bottles of wine since the last post on my cork collecting, but oddly enough they all had twist off caps. (and they weren't even that cheap!) but last night i decided i wanted to have a glass (or two) of wine while i laid alone in my bed and watched House... so i did. in a very big wine glass.

this is the big shocker.
my first failed item on my list.
son of a... gun.
i guess i am pretty idealistic, because i really didn't want to completely fail any item. but the time has come to admit that i have. since this summer got a bit hectic with the wedding, etc. i really slacked at my journal writing. i don't think i wrote anything from the end of july until mid august.
so that means i DIDN'T write in it every single week.
although i really enjoyed the habit of writing in it so regularly, so i am going to try and keep up with it.
but for 101 in 1001 reasons... that item is over.

going strong on listing stuff i am grateful for every single day. its coming pretty natural to me now. kind of like remembering to put on deodorant. today was #169.

i'm going to walk in a 5K. for those who do not know this, my brothers-in-law(ish) were on the 2008 biggest loser show. one of them is doing a second annual 5K walk/run/job for his daughter's foundation. this ought to be interesting to say the least. it is in october, so more on this later.

i've been paying a good chunk on my credit cards, and it is leaving me pretty much penniless! i am so ready to be done with this item, lol :)

using my spreadsheet for all my bills/credit cards info still. in fact... i already have september completely budgeted out.

more (including pictures) later

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AUGUST photos

here are a few updates to the biweekly(ish) picture goal...which off the top of my head i believe is #43

this one below is at my brother and sister in laws house. we were making a brownie cake for our soon to be sister in laws bachelorette party, and i was chilling on the kitchen floor with my pup fenway and their dog hope.

below is a picture of me at the wedding. taken by the brides 3.5 yr old niece.
another picture of me taken at the wedding by my dad.

here is one at the wedding taken by my best friend. i'm singing a duet with my father actually.
and sometimes he makes me giggle. (aka i mess up the lyrics)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

another one bites the dust...

well, i can officially say i completed another item on my list: make a vision board. i finished it a week or two ago, but i'm just getting around to photographing it and blogging about it now. i'll probably keep updating and adding to it, but for now i'm finished for a little while.

people AND animals like to pose with me

just a few more pictures to add to my biweekly(ish) pics, aka goal #43
the two below are at my friend gene's 30th birthday party on 7/19/09. the first one is of me and a good friend, nick. and the second one is me and my friend krista holding the party down, aka being one of the last few to be there when it was REALLY time for bed!(i had to change my clothes because i got thrown in the pool... yes, its true. good thing i had a change of clothes with me, because that was a white dress!)
and these two are from this past friday 7/31/09. the first one is at mystic aquarium...the bird is on my stick! and the second one is across the street from mystic pizza. the whale and i are besties.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

picture this...

goal number twenty eight
well, i've been doing okay supporting local businesses. i’ve gone to a place called hong kong city garden for sushi…and let me tell you…yum, yum, yummy. best sushi around here by far. i’ve got my nails done twice since the last update. been to my favorite local ice cream place with my baby nephew. i went to a new restaurant (which I think I already wrote a little about) and and a new bar called the belmont. below are two picture from a restaurant/bar called rogers that my friend holly works at. she's always bugging me to come down, and because i am an awful friend, i always forget to stop by. but i finally did! and i had a great time :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

keep on truckin'

ola amigos
here is a quick update..

i've been trying to simplify my life. and organize. all at the same time. so a of right now, i am working on my 5th bag of stuff to donate to charity.

while i have yet to buy an address book... i have updated my contact info in outlook on my computer. so, when i actually get a book to write all this stuff in, it will be an easy task to complete.

i have done a pretty damn good job of organizing some pictures on my computer. and that makes me very happy. i have a GILLION pictures, so i feel like this is a project i would love to finish soon. i'm sick of organizing pics. i just want them organized, printed out and then put in photo albums once and for all. but i still have a little while to go.

i've eaten at another new-to-me restaurant. a couple weeks ago me and michaela went to a restaurant we've both been wanting to check out: temple. it was nice. i wasn't head over heels for the food...but it was pretty good. the atmosphere however was incredible! it had private booths and candles hanging from the ceiling instead of lights. i loved it.

so obviously i didn't go camping this month, or i would have written about it. so i took that out of italics. there's always next summer.

for part of my soon to be sister-in-laws bachelorette party, we're taking her to a nearby vineyard for a tasting in two weeks. which is super exciting because it is one of the vineyards in the tour i want to do for goal #24 yay! more on this later.

my one new to me place per month for july will be a bar called the belmont. its got a lot of character. dark wood, low ceilings, lots of leather and a dim atmosphere. i might have made is sound creepy, but its actually rather chill.

yeah, not much to say. i have been crazy busy preparing for my brother's wedding, and the time capsule project is totally falling behind. i don't want to give up on this project though, because i really want to get this done. so, hmm. i don't know what to do about it, but i am sure i will figure it out.

yesterday was my 30th weekly journal least i can keep up with something.

just finished my 135th grace in small things entry. i am kicking ass on those entries.

i've finished another book: "if i had my life to live over/i would pick more daisies" a compilation of stories and poetry about being a girl or woman at all stages of life. it was rather beautiful. the title is something that really motivates me. maybe i should ruminate on that and write something of my own. the only thing is...i really need to recount the books i own. i can't remember and i've donated some. so its time for a recount.

i accidentally completed another goal without expecting to. while i am considering it complete, i didn't bold it on the side just to leave it open again. i dove in my friends swimming pool, but i didn't do any of my wild dives i used to do because it wasn't super safe. ha. number 1, i had been drinking and number 2, while the diving board is obviously in the deep end- i'm sure its not as deep as a college pool. so item completed, but hopefully i will still make it somewhere i can really do some wild dives.

ugh. yes, still kicking my ass and paying off those credit cards. and yes, still kicking myself in the ass for even having any debt to begin with.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

and here we have...

a few more pictures from goal #35...which is the 100 pictures project. here are:
rainbow after work- july 2009 (one of my new favorites)
walking on the bristol pier june 2009

distance (my second distance picture):
a place that aways felt so far away

in south beach- may 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i guess i've been drinking since the beginning of june...

ola, here is another brief update for y'all. here are a few of the biweekly(ish) pictures that have been taken in the past month or so. i'm sure i'll have one or two more, but i'll just wait to upload those and add them to my next larger update.
this first one was taken on 6/9/09 when i went to that bar in bristol with my friend larry. drinking a beer, watching the ball game, lost in thought. NOT aware a picture was about to be taken!
these next two were taken on 6/19/09 at the new kids on the block concert. i had a drink or two, and i'm sure i thought i looked cool at the time....

this is a more recent picture taken at the bar my friend hol works at. i'm always telling her i will stop by and visit her after work, but because i am a huge jerk... i never do! so this night was 7/11/09 and i had a couple drinks with amy, ryan and jay. i had a great time, and am really going to try to remember and stop by more often.