Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AUGUST photos

here are a few updates to the biweekly(ish) picture goal...which off the top of my head i believe is #43

this one below is at my brother and sister in laws house. we were making a brownie cake for our soon to be sister in laws bachelorette party, and i was chilling on the kitchen floor with my pup fenway and their dog hope.

below is a picture of me at the wedding. taken by the brides 3.5 yr old niece.
another picture of me taken at the wedding by my dad.

here is one at the wedding taken by my best friend. i'm singing a duet with my father actually.
and sometimes he makes me giggle. (aka i mess up the lyrics)


Rachel said...

Yay! Progress! :)

And that dress is AMAZING! Where did you get it?!?!