Tuesday, January 20, 2009

on a roll

i guess i got started on number 29! i was just going over my list, wondering if there was something i could start in, and i realized...all those books i bought this weekend counted as part of number 29!!

i'm working on #40, "create an inspiration board." i figure it is something that is going to be continuously changing, but once i get it completed i will consider it finished...then i can change it whenever new inspiration hits me!

i'll post some pics when my computer stops being a jerk. which it is being right now.

Monday, January 19, 2009

i'm an addict

oh boy.

so i figured i would get started on # by taking some "before" pictures. i figure i should probably inform you that i am a huge fan of home decorating. i also take pride in my awesome interior designing skills. but be aware.... these pictures will prove otherwise i guess!!! ugh. i hate how messy it looks! when i first got my bookshelves, i started arranging them so nicely, and i kept all the books that needed sorting in boxes. but then i got sick of the boxes littering my office so i just threw the books in the bookcases, and unfortunately this is what it has looked like for a few months.

not cool.

oh, well. this is going to be my goal for the next few days. i really want to organize these shelves and catalogue my books. then i can get started on my reviews.
i know i currently have "194" books to read (yes, i bought 194 books that i've yet to read. shame on me.), so i think clearing out and sorting my books will help me get started reading. i'm hoping to make a list of those 194 books so i don't miss any along the way.
my conscious is killing me. i need to fess up. I BOUGHT MORE BOOKS!!!! I'M AN ADDICT DAMNIT!!! i know i said i was going to wait and not buy books until i had a good chunk of the 194 read, but i couldn't help it.

the monologue show i was in this weekend (#45) was held in a bookstore, and there was such a great selection of books for soooooo cheap!!! i couldn't help myself! i didn't count my new selections, but i'm guessing its about 15 more books. i'm going to be reading quite a bit!

i finished naked, by david sedaris. it is a great book. he's a funny and captivating writer. but augusten burroughs is still my main man. if you haven't read him, then you're living a life void of wonderfulness. okay, well maybe you have a wonderful life, but still...read him. you'll thank me later!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

when are you going to roar?

i'm crossing one item off my list. As of tomorrow, I will have completed #45!!!

I am preforming in a monologue show called everything's possible on friday, saturday and sunday.

my friend kevin recently wrote every single monologue which will be preformed. and i honestly believe i have the absolute best piece! its also one of the longest which makes me nervous. i timed it: 10 minutes! who can remember 10 minutes of a memorized speech??? yikes!) honestly, though. its a beautiful monologue. i teared up when i read it the first time, thats how powerful it is. its titled when are you going to roar? its about a wife who is frustrated and fed up with her husband. he is an artist who is living in a "black hole" of depression since she had a miscarriage.

i love, love, love the monologue! yayayyyyyy to me!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

good thing i can read quickly!

i updated number 70. i counted all the books i have bought but never read, and the number is 194. good thing i can read quickly. i'm almost done with naked by david sedaris. so soon i'll only have 193 to go!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


just so you know.... i didn't give up that easily. i'm just working on a few things right now. will be updating the list shortly. plus, i've been seriously lacking energy lately.

i do have an idea i am toying with. i am thinking about making labels for #1-101 and possibly writing posts in the down times to explain why i chose to add the item to my list? is that overkill? are you even interested? sometimes i feel like i want to explain why i picked some of the things, but i don't want to bombard you with pointless info you don't find interesting.

so what do you think? make some labels, or not?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

drumroll, please!

Announcing.....Erin's Official 101 in 1001!

1. Leave a note giving someone completely random a nice compliment
2. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Project
3. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on freerice.com (0/100,000)
4. Send flowers to 3 different people for no reason (0/3)
5. Spend under $10 on a meal and give a $10 tip
6. Donate 10 bags of clothes, etc. to Salvation Army or a similar place (0/10)

7. Get an address book and keep it up-to-date
8. Start to trace my family tree
9. Organize Bills and stick with a system
10. Organize bookshelves then catalogue all the books I own
11. Make a household inventory, including pictures and serial numbers, for insurance purposes

12. Transfer all of my paper files onto my hard drive, and then make a back up of all of my digital files
13. Organize and print digital photos, then arrange them in actual photo albums

14. Throw a party with a clever theme
15. Go paintballing
16. Befriend someone over 70 years old
17. Cook a nice dinner for friends on five separate occasions (0/5)
18. Eat at 20 restaurants I have never been to before (0/20)
19. Have at least 6 summer parties at my cottage (0/6)
20. Go camping, in a tent, with a group of friends
21. Get Fenway some type of training, preferably in socialization

22. Take Fenway on five doggy dates (0/5)
23. Go grape stomping
24. Complete the local wine tour
25. Have a wine tasting party
26. Drink at 5 different breweries (0/5)
27. Go to a drive in movie at least once per summer (0/3)

28. Support local artists, whether it be musicians or artists and non-chain restaurants as often as possible
29. Patronize one new to me independent local business each month (0/33)
30. Ask a stranger out on a date

31. Have a go at mosaic making
32. Photograph a day in my life, and blog it
33. Enter a photo contest.
34. Complete the urban alphabet photograph project
35. Complete
100 snapshots (0/100)
36. Learn to knit (well, i know how to knit, but i need to learn how to start off)

37. Create a cookbook of recipes I’ve made up or were given to me
38. Mail a secret to Postsecret
39. Make a wine cork filled frame with corks of wine bottles i have shared. On each cork, write the date and occasion
40. Create an inspiration board

41. Make scrapbooks for all of the following: trips to VA, living in VA, college, HS, FEA trips (0/5)
42. Make a “mixtape” of my favorite song each week for one year (0/52)
43. Take a picture of myself twice a month to show the change in myself in 2.75 years (0/66)
44. Sing in a concert, play or something of the sort

45. Act in a play or a monologue show
46. Buy more from etsy stores. Think about building your own
47. Build a time capsule to be completed before i’m 25; have some people write letters & include other random things pertinent to the past 25 years of my life. Only open when i am 30

48. Participate in “gimmie your stuff.”
49. Go on a cruise
50. Take a girls only trip with friends
51. Go on a train ride
52. Send my parents on a trip
53. Get a world map and mark it somehow with places i want to visit and places i have visited
54. Take a completely impulsive, spur of the moment road trip
55. Do 5 "tourist-y" things in my city (0/5)

56. See another production by Cirque de Soleil
57. Get a passport
58. Travel to 5 states I haven’t been before.

59. Get a piece of writing published again
60. Write down childhood memories in a journal
61. Write a handwritten letter to my ten favorite living authors (0/10)
62. Complete 5 more nablopomo’s. (0/5)
63. Write a journal entry in an actual paperbound journal once every week (2/143)
64. Write a review of every single book i currently own (0/tba)
65. Complete a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month
66. List one thing I am grateful for, every day for a year (0/365)
67. Start or join a writers’/readers group
68. Attend a book signing
69. Send 100 personal letters to friends. (0/100)
70. Read all of the current (194) books you have purchased, but not actually read. (0/194)
71. Write a love letter

72. Go to red sox spring training
73. Take a stadium tour of fenway park
74. Attend 20 red sox games

75. Apply to graduate school
76. Get my teaching certificate.
77. Learn more American Sign Language
78. Learn how to drive standard.
79. Learn how to tie a tie. it is so romantic for a woman to tie a mans tie, and i don’t know how to do it.

80. Find the perfect red lipstick
81. Get Laser eye surgery
82. Walk, run or jog in a 5K
83. Take vitamins daily for one month
84. Either get a third tattoo or change/redo my second tattoo.
85. Find a place with real diving boards and do some dives (safely)
86. Learn to pole dance. (i'll explain this later- it’s a confidence thing. I don’t plan on becoming a stripper)
87. Take a self defense class

88. pay off credit cards
89. save 5,000+ to go towards a down payment on a house
90. Download all my credit card usage into some kind of spreadsheet and keep it up to date
91. pay off my car
92. Put $5 in savings for each completed task and $10 for every uncompleted one.
93. Get a living will/power of attorney

94. Dance in the rain.
95. Ride in a hot air balloon
96. Skydive
97. Ride an elephant
98. Go to a planetarium
99. Go to the movies alone

100. Get 5 people to start their own 101 in 1001
101. Make a new 101 list for the next 1001 days!

Friday, January 2, 2009

miss me?

been wondering where i have been? i know i said i was going to start my 101 on january 1st at latest, but that obviously hasn't happened seeing as it is now january 2nd and i haven't even posted my final list yet. normally, i would get upset with myself for not sticking to the original date, but i'm trying to go easy on myself in 2009. its going to be a good year for me; i can feel it. so why be hard on myself? you're right. no reason at all.

anyway. i have this weird obsession with dates. i think there are good dates and bad dates. for example, i quit smoking on 11/1/2007. i could have quit on 10/29/2007, but i didn't feel like that number worked for me. anyway, i've decided i am going to start my 101 in 1001 list tomorrow, 1/3/2009 for a couple of reasons.

the first reason is that tomorrow is a special day for me. it is my nephew's first birthday. so this is obviously one of the best dates in the entire year. the second reason is that day 1001 is 10/01. am i the only person who notices how awesome that is. what a coincidence!

so there. see, instead of beating myself up for not starting the 101 list as planned, i just found a better way to approach the beginning.

oh, yeahhhhh...big things are going to happen tomorrow. you just wait and see!