Thursday, January 15, 2009

when are you going to roar?

i'm crossing one item off my list. As of tomorrow, I will have completed #45!!!

I am preforming in a monologue show called everything's possible on friday, saturday and sunday.

my friend kevin recently wrote every single monologue which will be preformed. and i honestly believe i have the absolute best piece! its also one of the longest which makes me nervous. i timed it: 10 minutes! who can remember 10 minutes of a memorized speech??? yikes!) honestly, though. its a beautiful monologue. i teared up when i read it the first time, thats how powerful it is. its titled when are you going to roar? its about a wife who is frustrated and fed up with her husband. he is an artist who is living in a "black hole" of depression since she had a miscarriage.

i love, love, love the monologue! yayayyyyyy to me!