Monday, January 19, 2009

i'm an addict

oh boy.

so i figured i would get started on # by taking some "before" pictures. i figure i should probably inform you that i am a huge fan of home decorating. i also take pride in my awesome interior designing skills. but be aware.... these pictures will prove otherwise i guess!!! ugh. i hate how messy it looks! when i first got my bookshelves, i started arranging them so nicely, and i kept all the books that needed sorting in boxes. but then i got sick of the boxes littering my office so i just threw the books in the bookcases, and unfortunately this is what it has looked like for a few months.

not cool.

oh, well. this is going to be my goal for the next few days. i really want to organize these shelves and catalogue my books. then i can get started on my reviews.
i know i currently have "194" books to read (yes, i bought 194 books that i've yet to read. shame on me.), so i think clearing out and sorting my books will help me get started reading. i'm hoping to make a list of those 194 books so i don't miss any along the way.
my conscious is killing me. i need to fess up. I BOUGHT MORE BOOKS!!!! I'M AN ADDICT DAMNIT!!! i know i said i was going to wait and not buy books until i had a good chunk of the 194 read, but i couldn't help it.

the monologue show i was in this weekend (#45) was held in a bookstore, and there was such a great selection of books for soooooo cheap!!! i couldn't help myself! i didn't count my new selections, but i'm guessing its about 15 more books. i'm going to be reading quite a bit!

i finished naked, by david sedaris. it is a great book. he's a funny and captivating writer. but augusten burroughs is still my main man. if you haven't read him, then you're living a life void of wonderfulness. okay, well maybe you have a wonderful life, but him. you'll thank me later!