Sunday, August 2, 2009

people AND animals like to pose with me

just a few more pictures to add to my biweekly(ish) pics, aka goal #43
the two below are at my friend gene's 30th birthday party on 7/19/09. the first one is of me and a good friend, nick. and the second one is me and my friend krista holding the party down, aka being one of the last few to be there when it was REALLY time for bed!(i had to change my clothes because i got thrown in the pool... yes, its true. good thing i had a change of clothes with me, because that was a white dress!)
and these two are from this past friday 7/31/09. the first one is at mystic aquarium...the bird is on my stick! and the second one is across the street from mystic pizza. the whale and i are besties.