Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i guess i've been drinking since the beginning of june...

ola, here is another brief update for y'all. here are a few of the biweekly(ish) pictures that have been taken in the past month or so. i'm sure i'll have one or two more, but i'll just wait to upload those and add them to my next larger update.
this first one was taken on 6/9/09 when i went to that bar in bristol with my friend larry. drinking a beer, watching the ball game, lost in thought. NOT aware a picture was about to be taken!
these next two were taken on 6/19/09 at the new kids on the block concert. i had a drink or two, and i'm sure i thought i looked cool at the time....

this is a more recent picture taken at the bar my friend hol works at. i'm always telling her i will stop by and visit her after work, but because i am a huge jerk... i never do! so this night was 7/11/09 and i had a couple drinks with amy, ryan and jay. i had a great time, and am really going to try to remember and stop by more often.