Sunday, February 15, 2009

trucking on folks...

#18: went to another new restuarant. its called gina's and its in my city. its actually owned and run by a woman who used to be an accountant at the company i work for. this also supports #28 since it is a new independent business.

#43: i've been thinking about how i need to keep up with these bimonthly pictures, because the last two seriously are not pretty. not that this recent one is gorgeous. but atleast i am remembering to take the pictures.

#90: i've been using to work on staying a step ahead of my finances. i also found a spreadsheet i am going to try to use which will show me exactly where i spend my money so that i can learn how to better manage it. but more importantly, does anyone have any better ideas? i'm a list makers. i'm also someone who like spreadsheets, etc. so is there a good money tracking system out there? do you have any tips? i need to pay my debt so that i can start saving the 5, 000 to start on my house downpayment. ;)


Anonymous said...

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