Friday, December 26, 2008

i am a tease

so here are just a few ideas. i'm even having trouble figuring out what ideas i want to share before i start!!! lol. well i'm up to about 85 on my list, so thats good... i'm almost there. once i get to 101, i just need to edit it (you'll see why when you see my rambling ideas to follow), post it and then begin.

so here are some ideas. for those of you which know me through my other blog there and back again, do you have any ideas for me? is there anything you think i should add to my 101 in 1001??? all ideas will be very welcome!

random ideas i have so far:
1. make a wine cork filled frame from corks of wine bottles i have shared. on each cork, write the date and who i drank with. try to take pictures of at least a few of the cork experiences.

2. make a “mixtape” of my favorite song each week for one year. that’s only 52 weeks

3. learn how to tie a tie. i know, i’m not a man. but i always think it is so romantic for a woman to tie a mans tie, and i do not know how to do it.

4. go grape stomping and make wine.

5. complete the urban alphabet photograph project

6. support local artists, whether it be musicians or artists, and non-chain restaurants as often as possible.

7. ride an elephant.

8. send flowers to 3 different people for no reason

9. write a handwritten letter to my ten favorite living authors.

10. do 5 "tourist-y" things in my own city, or very close to home.

being a tease at heart, i will leave you with that for now... don't forget to share your suggestions!


Sam said...

hmmm I must say you sound amazing from this list.

BTW, Tying a man's tie is SO hot! =D and i do touristy things in my city ALL THE TIME.

I'm evening planning to run the The in Los Angeles

little erin said...

awwww, thanks sam! i never do touristy things in my city... which is soooo stupid. i'm in a great area where within a short 3 hour drive there are a handful of major cities and handfuls of smaller, but big cities. yet i never take advantage of what they offer. even NYC. every time i go there, i do something stupid like shop!